This is an outstanding car because it is incredibly honest and original type of vehicle with a nice history. We bought it here locally in Santa Monica from what appears to be only the third owner from new. By going through the records we have, it would seem the first owner was a lady who lived in Vallejo, California prior to moving to Santee, California who owned the car up until possibly January 1996. We have the old California original title from this person. The second owner was from Burbank California and only owned the car until June 1998. He did do some work to it in this time period including a rebuilt engine. The third owner who we get it from then owned it for in excess of 10 years. For him it was a toy, and a second car. It is the Futura model which was the top trim level for Falcon. It is also not surprising that you donít see a lot as they only made 6,191 of this model. Thatís not many cars to last 44 years. We have just had the car repainted as the paint on the car was old and for the most may possibly have been the original and had some touch up over the years. It was a really good body that was still very presentable, especially when you take into account the car being 44 years old. The photos on thhi web page are of the original paint not the new paint so it gives a very realistic idea of how good a car it is. Being an original California car with its original Black California license plates allows the underside of the car, the floors, to be in exceptional condition. We are so spoiled with being able to get these great condition type of cars. The convertible top is power operated and brand new, we did it. The interior is still in good condition having been replaced and had new carpet about 10 years ago. The best part is the fact it is a 289 V8 powered car with a 4-speed gearbox and front disc brakes with a dual master cylinder. It has the chrome Rally wheels as well. These may have been added at some time in its life but I am not sure about that. It has the original radio mounted in the dash with a modern stereo mounted underneath the dash, that being an Alpine CDA-9847 with a CD player and MP3 capabilities. We have given the car a major service. Some of the work we did was fitting a new radiator, new tie rod ends and an alignment, new front brake lines, new pads, turned rotors, new belts, hoses, spark plugs, distributor cap, points, rotor, an oil change and filter. Finished in its original colour, Rangoon Red and it has a Black interior with a White convertible top.

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