These trucks are incredibly rare and to find one in the condition of this vehicle makes it is even more difficult. It has had a sensational frame off restoration performed on it having been restored to exacting standards. Powered by the 248 cubic inch Chevrolet straight six engine developing around 100 horsepower, although I have seen 125 horsepower figures mentioned. Torque was just over 200 ft-lb's at a very slow 1,000 rpm.  It has the Fenton split exhaust manifolds that lead to dual stainless tailpipes. The gearbox is a 4-speed and it utilizes a torque-tube driveline. Officially these trucks were known as Advanced Design, even though they probably appeared aged in their final moments, today they are often referred to as First Series. That alone, makes them benchmarks of GM truck history. So does the fact that they can safely be characterized as seldom seen although exact production figures are rather elusive. The design of GMC/Chevroletís 1954 step side pickups was short-lived, making surviving examples such as this GMC 100-series very rare. The optional extras found on this showpiece add significantly to its unique nature. They include the extremely hard-to-find chrome front and rear bumpers, door handles, window surrounds, wheel trim and the front fog lamps. Additionally the driverís-side spare add great charm to the overall appearance and in the dash is an original style GMC AM Radio is rare to see. Front and rear sway bars help the overall handling. Seat belts have been fitted. The all-Black interior, like the rest of the truck, is near flawless. Its glass-smooth, Deep Maroon with Black roof paintjob is sensational. Running around the Cab at the base of the Black is Green Pin Stripe that really highlights the two-tone and looks great.

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